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Connectivity Solution

The TIMS DICOM System is a complete workstation that solves a common problem in hospitals today: PACS connectivity. Hospitals' PACS are unable to communicate with their analog medical devices. TIMS is the solution. With its easy-to-use interface, useful editing feature, and simple work-flow, TIMS can convert any non-DICOM medical modality to DICOM, and then connect it to PACS or TIMS can simply connect a DICOM ready modality to PACS thereby eliminating any destination charges from the modality vendor. All of this is available as an inexpensive, cost-effective DICOM workstation. Additionally, each TIMS is a DICOM gateway allowing for film scanner input, DICOM send/receive, and DICOM query/retrieve.

Patient information is conveniently input via a DICOM Modality Work List query. TIMS acquires from any analog or DICOM medical modality including ultrasound, CT, MR, endoscopy, angiography, nuclear medicine, motion X-ray, and others. Once the images or video streams are acquired and converted to DICOM, they are instantly available for viewing, sending to PACS, sending to DICOM viewing station, recording to CD/DVD, and printing to a DICOM or Windows printer. A free DICOM viewer is available and can be automatically written to each CD/DVD.


  • Acquire from any medical modality
  • Analog video to DICOM conversion
  • Static & streaming capture
  • Capture the entire study
  • DICOM send & receive
  • One-click DICOM send
  • Record to CD/DVD
  • DICOM & Windows print
  • DICOM query/retrieve
  • Transmit to PACS
  • Export to AVI, JPG & DICOM
  • DICOM Modality Work List
  • Live remote consultation
  • Real-time teleradiology
  • Review & edit
  • Scanner input via TWAIN

DICOM Query/Retrieve
Query studies for a specific patient from any PACS
Retrieve the selected studies for review on TIMS
Ideal for an OR application for the physician to review previous studies just prior to the new procedure

TIMS Consultant
Real-time teleradiology
Real-time, live transmission of medical video over networks to a remote computer site
Allows for remote consultation & diagnosis
Send full resolution DICOM files to the Consultant during the procedure

Batch/Schedule Send
Select multiple studies to be sent at a later time and date
Excellent for scheduling DICOM sends during times of low network activity
Progressive DICOM send: allows for the sending of DICOM files immediately after each acquisition

Configurable Toolbar
User-configurable toolbar
Streamline workflow according to individual needs by allowing the user to show just a few toolbar icons
Or show all toolbar icons for a "power-user" setup

  The number of applications for TIMS is nearly endless. Our customers are finding new ways to use TIMS almost every day.

Here is just a small sampling of the applications:
  » Acquire the entire study from an angio suite and send to PACS.
  » Acquire simultaneously from a bi-plane suite using two TIMS systems.
  » Use TIMS as an emergency recovery system to DICOM receive from DICOM modalities if PACS fails.
  » Use TIMS on a mobile cart to perform DICOM query/retrieve in an OR.
  » Use TIMS on a mobile cart to acquire from several different modalities in a hospital throughout the day.
  » With an older open MRI system, use TIMS rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new open MRI system.
  » Use TIMS with an interventional radiology system rather than purchasing an expensive DICOM upgrade.
  » In a busy ultrasound clinic, use TIMS with progressive DICOM send to allow for instant reading of the studies.
  » At a rural hospital, use the TIMS Consultant to allow remote consultation by an on-call radiologist from home.
  » At a hospital without PACS, use TIMS to archive CT and MR studies to CD/DVD.
  » Record an entire motion X-ray procedure and send to PACS.
  » At a teaching hospital, convert all of the archived echo studies from videotape to DICOM.
  » And more... With TIMS, the application possibilities and cost savings are constantly expanding.

  TIMS is an excellent solution for hospitals to "go digital" before PACS is implemented. With TIMS, studies can be recorded to CD/DVD/USB for soft-copy reads and storage. And when the hospital implements PACS at a later date, the modality is immediately connected to the PACS via TIMS. TIMS is the PACS connectivity solution.

Record to CD/DVD/USB (local & network)

Eliminating or reduce use of film & videotape
Provide a copy to the patient

DICOM/Windows Print
Print selected images
Print an entire view or study
Up to 8x8 layouts

Record from Film Digitizers & Scanners
Compatible with any TWAIN interface
Results can then be recorded to CD/DVD


TIMS Consultant

Real-time teleradiology
Live transmission of the medical procedure
Two-way audio communication
Remote diagnosis
Transmit DICOM files to the Consultant

Export to AVI & JPG
Integrate studies into presentations & reports
Edit in video editors like Adobe Premiere®
Ideal for teaching hospitals

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